Maximizing uptime, reducing complexity

As technology becomes ever more central to the healthcare enterprise, clinicians are increasingly reliant on biomed engineers to keep everything up and running. To keep pace, you need solutions that expand clinical capabilities while maximizing uptime and minimizing complexity.

Image Stream Medical helps you meet this challenge with procedure space integration solutions that:

  • Enhance the biomed role by adding a high-value system to your support portfolio
  • Make your job easier by providing reliable systems with high uptime performance and simple, inexpensive maintenance—including remote support capabilities—to avoid time-wasting support calls
  • Keep physicians happy by making it easy to deliver the highest quality images – including ultra-high definition 4K video – right when physicians need them
  • Expand your knowledge with expert Image Stream Medical technical guidance and support, on demand
  • Simplify user training with systems that are simple and intuitive
  • Maximize your flexibility with future-ready solutions that are highly scalable, accommodate a variety of configurations, and don’t hold you hostage to a particular vendor
“I spend my days running from room to room supporting equipment. So I appreciate systems that stay up and do what they’re supposed to do. I like EasySuite for the same reasons the clinicians do…it makes my job easier ”
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