Helping reduce the burden on IT

At Image Stream Medical, we understand that IT is overextended. Technology continues to expand across the health enterprise—but IT staffs and budgets are not growing. As a technologist, you need procedure room integration solutions that don’t strain your limited resources of time, money and in-house expertise.

Image Stream Medical helps you meet this challenge with procedure room integration solutions that:

  • Integrate smoothly without disrupting existing storage, server, and network infrastructure.
  • Connect clinicians across the enterprise and around the world with secure medical virtual presence capabilities.
  • Minimize the time required to deploy, learn, and support room integration systems.
  • Are staffing-level neutral and highly reliable, requiring minimal effort to manage and maintain.
  • Are vendor-neutral, integrating easily with a variety of procedure room visual sources, as well as enterprise and hospital information systems.
  • Reduce total cost of ownership with industry-leading simplicity and reliability.
  • Support your “green” goals with optimized space and minimal power requirements.
  • Support HIPAA compliance, meeting the highest standards for information security.
  • Reduce IT help calls with solutions that are simple to operate by non-technical staff.
“Image Stream makes a truly IT-friendly solution. Core functions are centralized instead of room by room, which makes it easy to support the entire enterprise.”
How can we help you?
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