Optimizing clinical performance and focus

When performing delicate procedures, it’s essential to have the right visual information at the right time—with no distractions. You need solutions that let you focus on the details that are critical for life-saving surgery, while improving workflow efficiency.

Image Stream Medical helps you perform to the best of your abilities with visual integration and collaboration solutions that:

  • Provide crystal clear video and images that empower you to perform procedures with precision and confidence.
  • Enable rapid, informed decision-making by integrating clinically relevant images and information with your EHR, PACs and VNA systems.
  • Reduce wasted time, making it fast and easy to set up the procedure room exactly as you want it—and notifying you in your office when it’s ready.
  • Simplify collaboration with colleagues, patients, and families – maximizing insight and efficiency before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Eliminate distractions by making room integration technology transparent, enabling you to focus on the patient and the procedure.
  • Support knowledge sharing, training, and personal improvement by making it easy to save, edit, and share images, video, audio, and presentations across the enterprise.
  • Improve your efficiency with a single, intuitive interface and familiar room setup.
  • Reduce patient anxiety by establishing a comforting environment when patients arrive in the OR, making it easier to perform procedures.
“Image Stream really understands what I do every day when prepping for or performing procedures. Their solutions always seem to anticipate my next step.”
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