Simplifying the sharing of intra-operative images

As an imaging modality technician, procedure room integration technology plays an important role in your work. You need solutions that make it easy for you to capture the best and highest quality output from all of your imaging equipment.

Image Stream Medical helps you work more effectively and efficiently with procedure room integration solutions that:

  • Make it easy to share intra-operative images with clinicians throughout the procedure room to enable informed care decisions during a procedure.
  • Deliver exceptional image quality in any resolution – UHD 4K, HD or SD – in the procedure room and across the enterprise to enable precise clinical interpretation of radiology information throughout the procedure.
  • Don’t add complexity to your job, eliminating complicated interfaces and
    streamlining the process of distributing images.
  • Simplify room set-up to ensure that the right images are viewed by the right clinicians at the right time.
“My images can make the difference between a successful or an unsuccessful procedure. Image Stream makes it easy for me to grab the high-quality images we need and share them, no matter which imaging system they came from.”
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