Littleton, MA, August 25, 2015 — Image Stream Medical, a leader in clinical video collaboration solutions, announces the release of EasySuite™ 8.0, the company’s flagship operating room (OR) integration product line. The new release highlights standards-based video conferencing that is easy enough for clinicians to use.
The EasySuite Conferencing add-on, helps clinicians communicate with colleagues in real-time from the same straightforward EasySuite touch panel interface they use every day to connect the OR with the rest of the hospital for ad-hoc consultations, surgical demonstrations, and teaching sessions.

“As long-time customers, we expect Image Stream Medical to deliver solutions that make it easier for clinicians and IT to do their jobs — and they do,” said Kathleen Perry, CIO at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD., “Conferencing from the OR has many clinical applications, but it’s complex technology and historically has required so much effort and planning that most clinicians just avoided it. With EasySuite Conferencing, our world-class surgeons can now run their own, regular teaching conferences, with minimal assistance from my team.”

She goes on to say, “The biggest advantage is that we use the same Image Stream equipment for conferencing that we do to share, stream, and record from. We didn’t have to do a forklift upgrade or buy special conferencing systems for each OR and conference room. This is critical because it not only saves us money, but also reduces our management, space, electrical, and cooling burden in the OR.”

EasySuite 8.0 and EasySuite Conferencing are available immediately. For more information, contact Image Stream Medical at