Designing world-class integrated procedure rooms

Our experienced integration engineering and design team works with your architect, contractor, and room planner to develop plans that ensure seamless integration of Image Stream Medical technology with your procedure space or conference room. Whether building new or upgrading an existing space, we can help you realize your vision with ease.

Proven know-how
Room integration is all we do, so we know how to avoid common pitfalls and design rooms with the future in mind. Our ability to anticipate potential issues and provide creative solutions can save you significant time and money, and avoid headaches.

Streamlined process
Our design team coordinates the thousands of technical details involved with making sophisticated integrated rooms work seamlessly. Getting us involved at the earliest stages helps streamline the design process—and avoid change orders down the road.

Connected conference spaces
We can create a custom, integrated conference space that takes collaboration and education to the next level. Seamless integration with our EasySuite® Procedure Room Integration solution brings the OR into your conference room.

How can we help you?
To put our integration design expertise to work for you, contact us today.