Connecting clinicians with patient information

Integrating procedure video and images with relevant patient information can add vital context for clinical decision-making. Image Stream Medical connects physicians with clinically relevant information from across the enterprise. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with electronic health record (EHR) systems, picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), and vendor-neutral archives (VNA).

Unifying the patient record

Our solutions support a unified patient record through full support for both inbound orders and outbound results exchange. Inbound orders and modality work lists (MWL) support automatic patient registration. Following the procedure, outbound video and image results are automatically integrated with the patient’s EHR, PACS, VNA, or other repositories, creating a unified patient record. Automated discharge further streamlines clinical workflows.

Consolidated access for a simpler network

Our Patient Integration Engine provides a single point of communication to hospital systems, brokering all inbound and outbound communication. This means you don’t need a separate connection to each hospital system from every procedure room.

Services to ensure success

Just as every hospital is unique, so is every integration. Our experienced services team has the expertise and know-how to integrate Image Stream Medical solutions with systems of virtually any commercial vendor, whatever your configuration.

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