Access digital video rapidly and securely across the enterprise

For clinical video and images to be of value, clinicians must be able to quickly and easily access them for future reference, review, and consultations. Image Stream Medical makes sophisticated content management simple, giving clinicians the ability to locate and view procedure video easily and securely, from virtually anywhere on the hospital network.

Secure, enterprise-wide library

Our VaultStream® solution provides secure, anytime, anywhere access to a clinical library of digital video, images, and procedural data. Multiple users can simultaneously search, access, edit, and review data remotely. Compare-mode allows clinicians to view procedures side by side for closer analysis.

Flexible content control

Configurable data retention policies allow content managers to control storage utilization. VaultStream also provides the ability to create multiple libraries for managing non-clinical and teaching content for learning and presentations.

View content on the go

With our EasyView® web-based and EasyView® Mobile solutions, users can access clinical video and images wherever they are, including via their Apple iPad®. Simply select a procedure to view, then select the thumbnail you want to view. This intuitive app allows full-screen viewing, with the ability to quickly swipe through thumbnails to find an image or video.

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