Full-room procedure space integration that works the way you work

Control any procedure room with ease—operating rooms, interventional X-ray, catheterization labs, electrophysiology labs,trauma bays, and more. Deliver crystal-clear 4K video and images—plus clinically relevant patient information—to each care team member, when and where they need it. Collaborate with colleagues during procedures, without missing a beat. Manage it all with a powerful procedure space integration solution that lets you focus on the patient, instead of the technology that makes it possible.

“It is a decision I have never ever regretted. Our videos, our editing system, our presentations are the envy of the academic neurosurgical world, and that really all has to do with this particular investment.”
Robert Spetzler, MD
President & CEO 1986-2017
Emeritus Chair, Neurosurgery
Barrow Neurological Institute
Dr. Robert Spetzler MD at BNI

Powerful simplicity: EasySuite® 4K


EasySuite 4K brings together the capabilities care teams need to perform more effectively and efficiently—in a single, easy-to-use, vendor-neutral solution. Designed around your team, EasySuite 4K creates an environment that understands and adapts to your clinical workflows right from the start.

One solution, many benefits

  • Increase team satisfaction and efficiency by delivering the visual information clinicians need when and where they they need it – in ultra-precise 4K resolution with virtually no latency
  • Improve clinical decision-making by integrating patient health information, including EHR data, with clinical video
  • Collaborate with colleagues across the health system, without disrupting or delaying procedures
  • Enhance patient relaxation with an automated Patient Greeting System tailored to set a soothing tone for both pediatric and adult patients
  • Improve safety compliance by automating the Time-Out patient safety process
  • Optimize room flexibility and utilization by automating room configuration to meet the needs of specific specialties and streamlining room prep
  • Maintain technology flexibility with a vendor-neutral solution that offers the freedom to select imaging sources and systems that provide the best performance and value for your organization
  • Not yet ready for 4K video? EasySuite lets you migrate at your own pace. Start with 2K video today, with support for a blended 2K/4K or pure 4K environment using the same enterprise structure and user interface

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Integration Checklist

Avoid common integration pitfalls by planning ahead.
Download our Integration Checklist.