Create presentation-ready medical videos in minutes

Video recordings of procedures are powerful tools for teaching and knowledge sharing. With our VaultStream® EasyCut® solution, physicians can easily create presentation-ready videos on their own in just minutes—with no special skills required.

“…the editing system, which I absolutely love, because of its simplicity and reliability…”
Robert Spetzler, MD
President & CEO 1986-2017
Emeritus Chair, Neurosurgery
Barrow Neurological Institute
Dr. Robert Spetzler MD at BNI

Point of care editing

Clinicians can actually edit videos during procedures. Simply push a button or footswitch to bookmark key video segments. EasyCut automatically turns bookmarked sections into clips for fast, easy editing. Create your PowerPoint presentations right from EasyCut by inserting your edited videos and images quickly and easily.

Save time at every step

After the procedure, there’s no need to wait for videos to be copied to local drives. In collaboration with VaultStream, EasyCut copies only the clips users need, safely maintaining the original video on the VaultStream server. That means faster editing. And avoiding use of unsecured media, like USB drives, enhances data security.

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