Optimize procedure room uptime

Is the cleaning crew in OR6 yet? Have they started the PCI in the cath lab? Having immediate insight into room status can help maximize uptime, accelerate patient throughput, and improve staff efficiency. We make it easy, with our Real-time Room Status solution, powered by our LiveStream® Network.

Monitor operating room status in real time

In a single, multi-tile monitor, Real-time Room Status provides simultaneous video and audio feeds from multiple procedure rooms throughout a department or across the hospital. See at a glance what is occurring in each room, right now. Need a better view? Tap a panel in the touch-enabled screen for full screen access into that room.

Optimize room utilization

You have the real-time, visual insight needed to make rapid decisions that can decrease room downtime, and increase patient throughput, operational efficiency, and revenue potential.

Protecting privacy

Real-time Room Status screens can be deployed in secure staff areas to restrict access. In-room staff controls the outgoing feed, with the ability to turn them off to ensure privacy.